How long will it take to find me a cancellation?

Given the current situation with the pandemic, this is a fluid situation. Some people get a cancellation the same day, and some may take a week or more. Getting the Pro or Ultimate package allows you to skip the queue of those already using our services so you will be next (please note you will not skip anyone who paid for a package above or equal to yours in value before you, only those paying for the lower package(s)). The more open you are to tests (bigger range of test centres) the quicker you will see cancellations. Rest assured, we will find you something.

How do you get tests any sooner than I can?

Thousands of DVSA tests take place every day of which often people tend to get nervous before the test and cancel or change the date to a later point, when this happens the test becomes available to the public… seeing as we have a team of trained professionals who are constantly searching for tests, we are able to see the slot straight away and book you in. So theoretically you can reload the DVSA website all day and it is likely you will see a test appear, however before you even have time to blink, we will have already booked it.

Is this legal?

Yes, asking us to change your test on your behalf is 100% legal and you cannot get into any trouble for doing this.

Do I need to have an existing booking?

Yes – you need to have an existing booking to use our service. But it can be for any date or time or test centre – it just has to be a valid booking. You can let us know when signing up if you want us to find you one at a different test centre. If you are having difficulty with finding a slot to book initially, just send us an email and we can direct you to a test centre that has availability.

Why do you need a test booking? How can I book a test if there is NO availability? Can't you book a test?

Our searching fee cannot cover the £62+ DVSA booking fee. We do need you to pay this to the DVSA directly, this way once we do find a cancellation, we can update your booking for you requiring no effort on your part.

If you don’t see any availability then just send us an email and we can direct you to a test centre that has slots available.

Can I use this service if my test is on hold?

Yes – our system works even if your test is on hold (with no date or time). As the booking is paid for, we can update it with a real date/time once a cancellation is found.

My theory test is expiring soon, I can't book a test at my test centre. How can I use your service?

You can book a test in any centre provided the date of the test is more than 3 full working days in advance. We recommend paying for the Ultimate package so that you can get your test as soon as possible. Remember if you fail your test you will need to wait 10 working days (approximately 2 weeks) before you can take another one, so make sure you take your test with enough time to retake it if you fail before your theory test expires.

If you cannot find any availability and have looked in all centres, you can try send us an email and we’ll see if its possible to still help you.

Can I choose what test centre you search for cancellations at?

Yes, as part of signing up, you can opt to change your test center.

I've booked my test already but it's 3 months away. Can you help me find one sooner?

Absolutely! We want you to get your license as soon as possible. We do this by looking for people who cancel their driving test bookings and then we offer those spots to you so that you can get your test done within weeks, not months

How do you find the cancellations?

We have a team of trained professionals who are constantly searching for tests. As soon as we see a slot, we instantaneously book it. So theoretically you can reload the DVSA website all day and it is likely you will see a test appear, however before you even have time to blink, our team will have already booked it.

How do I pay?

You can pay by card or if you contact support you may be able to pay by other payment methods

How will I know once you find me a test?

Once we find you a test that meets your criteria we will be in touch with you by phone, WhatsApp or email to offer you the slot. If you decide to keep the slot we offer, we will confirm once the slot is booked. If you don’t want the slot, then we will give the slot over to someone else, it is important you do not change the test yourself or we will have to terminate your account and this would make you ineligible for a refund.

If you receive an email from the DVSA regarding a change in test but have not been contacted by us, then please contact us immediately.

Can I change a test after you have booked it

When a test is found we will offer it to you, you can then check with your instructor regarding availability etc. Once you confirm that you would like the test we will attempt to book that in for you. Once it is booked we will be unable to change that slot for you without you purchasing another package from us (this includes if you have paid for the Ultimate package, in that case, we would only be able to change your next test if you fail the one we booked you).

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope – you only need an existing (valid) test booking. And if you don’t get offered a driving test within 3 weeks from the earliest date you would like one, you can request a refund.

What should I do if I find a slot I would like to book not from your service?

If you find a test not from our service and your current driving test booking was not from us (it’s your original booking) then you can book in the new test and once you do so contact us immediately to tell us to stop searching for you (We may still be searching for you for up to 24hours after you send you contact us depending on when we see your message). If you do not do this then we may find you another slot and replace your current booking. If you meet the eligibility for a refund you can contact us to process this for you after we have stopped searching.

If the test was last changed by us, you will need to contact us before booking it as we may be giving your previous slot to someone else. If you do not contact us, we reserve the right to terminate your account without any refund.

Can I ask for a specific date/time?

If you need a specific date/time you can put it in the preferences and if we have it available to offer you, we will. However we will also offer you other slots that become available if the specific date/time you asked for isn’t available.

Can I get a refund after I've paid?

Yes, provided you have given us at least 3 weeks from the earliest date you put down and we have not found a single cancellation in the test centres you have asked for.

Refunds in any other case are not possible. If you’ve not given us a valid booking, we will email and/or call you – if no reply is given till after your test we will be unable to refund.

Please note: The processing fee is non refundable.

Can I use this service in Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately we only support the DVSA service which covers England, Scotland and Wales.

I've failed my test, how do I request a retest cancellation?

Sorry to hear you’ve failed your test. Head over to and book a test for any date, place and time. If you have paid for the Ultimate package then we can move your next test without charging you any extra for your second test from us, just send us an email with your license number and new booking reference number and we can begin looking for another cancellation for you. If you have not paid for the Ultimate package, then you will need to purchase another package via the sign up page.